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Booking a Lift, Launch, Lift & Hold, Slipway

Launch, Lift, Lift & Hold

The booking system for lifting or launching your boat is the same booking system that is used elsewhere in the club.
If you book on a Rally, or buy a ticket for the Dinner/Dance, or book a Lift-out, it's all the same process - you will find the event in the calendar or in the 'book Online' menu and select a ticket.
The only difference is that some tickets require payment (eg, dinner dance, Lift & Hold), and some tickets are restricted, by different factors depending on the ticket.

During a period of scheduled lifts or launches, the Boat Park Admin will create calendar events (and find volunteer drivers) which you can book.

For the current layup period, Boat Park will schedule lift-outs throughout October and November. As soon as a driver and assistant have volunteered for a day, that event will be made available for you to book.
The event will not appear to you on the calendar or 'Book Online' until a driver and assistant have volunteered.
If you want to see how that's going, have a look at the 'Duty Roster' page (in your 'My Account/Profile' page).

Insurance and Invoices - CHECK THIS!
You will not be able to book a lift or launch if THIS SYSTEM thinks you do not have current insurance, or if you have any outstanding payments.
You are obliged by the club rules to always have current insurance if your boat is on club premises or attached to a club mooring bouy, and you are obliged to inform the club of your insurance details. Email these (just the schedule) to
It may take several days - more than a week, to update the system. If you are unable to lift or launch your boat because your insurance details on the system are out of date it is entirely your fault!

You can check the recorded insurance expiry date - Go to the 'MyAccount/Profile page' - select 'My Boats' on the left menu (on a phone look for the 'more' button), select your boat, then 'Edit boat details'. You will see the important information about your boat. The only field you can change is the sail number - add this if you wish. If you think any other fields are wrong contact Boat Park Admin.

You can check your invoices - Go to the 'MyAccount/Profile page' - select 'Invoices' on the left menu (on a phone look for the 'more' button), and make sure everything is paid. It still may take a few days before the paid invoices are reflected in the 'bookings' part of the system so don't leave this to the last moment!

To Make a booking:

1. Select the event in the calendar and click 'book' on the right of the line, or select the menu 'Book Online', then 'Boat Park', then pick a date.

2. Follow instructions on the page to select a ticket and book a Launch, Lift-out or Lift & Hold (all three tickets may not be available on all dates)

Outside of a scheduled period it is up to you to find a volunteer driver.

They will create the calendar event (or ask boat park admin to do so) which you can then book as above.
You can use the 'Driver Contact List' page along with the Members Directory to contact drivers.

For all bookings -

You will not be able to book until the event is created AND there are volunteer drivers allocated.

The Launch and Lift-outs are not charged as you must have already paid for a yard space.

The Lift & Hold will be charged at the current rate (invoiced after the day). There is only 1 ticket available on any day.

You will not be able to book if your insurance is out of date or you have any outstanding invoice payments.

Do not book a Lift-out until you have booked and paid for a yard space - either as a winter layup, summer layup or a short stay.

To Review your booking, You can see the booking in your 'My Account Bookings and allocations' page or by following the 'Book Online' process again.

To Cancel your booking, follow the 'Book Online' process and select 'Cancel'

Slipway & Mast Crane

The slipway and mast crane can be booked by any member for use by their own boat.

Note that any slipway booking may be cancelled at any time, or the time it is used may need to be adjusted, if the slipway is required for a lift or launch. Use of the rig will always take precedence.

Select 'Book Online', then 'Slipway', then 'Slipway booking', then follow instructions on the page.

The booking wil be visible in your 'My Account' - Bookings & Allocations page.

To cancel a booking find it in your Bookings & allocations page and select Cancel.

An email will be sent to Boat Park Admin when you book or cancel. If you have any queries about the booking or the use of this resource please email

Last updated 10:59 on 14 October 2021

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