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RYA Courses and Training available from MYC

Marchwood Yacht Club is an RYA Recognised Training Centre and is authorised to run a number of courses.
The tables below give some information about training and RYA courses although not all are available within MYC. More detail may be available on the RYA website, or ask me if you need further clarification (then I can update the information here for everyone's benefit).

This is primarily for the benefit of MYC members, although non-members may attend any course as this will help to keep the numbers up and the costs down.
Non-members will pay a small surcharge to help cover the cost of using the club's facilities.

The shorebased (theory) and support courses will (usually) run during the winter months and will depend on what MYC members ask for.
Please email me to register your interest in any of the courses or to find out more.
You can contact me via the contacts page - click here

So that I can make sure you get the most benefit from the course I would ask you to answer the following when you book:
  1. What course(s) or training are you considering?
  2. Why do you want to go on the course? What are you expecting to achieve?
  3. Brief note of your sailing experience (and what your role onboard is) and courses to date.

My first recommendation will always be that, if you don't already have one, you obtain a recent copy of the 'RYA Sail Cruising & Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and logbook (G15)' - latest revision 2012.
This is your record of the courses you've attended but perhaps more importantly you should use this to keep a log of all your sailing which you will need when you do the practical courses.

Andy Travell (RYA Yachtmaster Instructor)
Yacht: Buzz

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Non-RYA Tuition
Own Boat / Personal Tuition
Info(+)    MYC(+)
Tuition on your own boat at any level from novice to budding yachtmaster.

Shorebased Navigation / Theory Courses
Essential Navigation and Seamanship
Info(+)    MYC(+)
A basic introduction to the skills required before taking a small boat out in sheltered waters or taking an active part in running a boat.
Day Skipper Theory
Info(+)    MYC(+)
A comprehensive introduction to navigation and seamanship.
Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory
Info(+)    MYC(+)
An advanced course in navigation and meteorology.
Yachtmaster Ocean Theory
Astro navigation and worldwide meteorology.

Practical Courses.
Start Yachting
Introduction to sailing for novices
Competent Crew
Introduction to yachting including helming and sail handling skills, seamanship and personal safety.
Day Skipper
Practical navigation, pilotage, seamanship, boat handling and skippering techniques.
Coastal Skipper
Advanced navigation and boat handling.
Yachtmaster Coastal Prep and Exam
Info(+)    MYC(+)
Preparation for RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of Competence exam
Yachtmaster Offshore Prep and Exam
Info(+)    MYC(+)
Preparation for RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence exam

Support and Specialist Courses
Info(+)    MYC(+)
International Certificate of Competence. Required qualification in some countries for Coastal waters. CEVNI is required for all European inland waterways.
However, there are many additional requirements. If you take your boat or charter abroad I recommend you read the latest information - the red tape that you must know and follow gets more complicated every year.
Click here to go to the RYA Boating Abroad pages
VHF Radio
Info(+)    MYC(+)
1 day course. VHF Radio, including DSC and GMDSS plus exam.
RYA First Aid
Info(+)    MYC(+)
1 day course. Basic First Aid procedures for small craft users with particular emphasis on CPR, drowning and hypothermia.
Sea Survival
Info(+)    MYC(+)
1 day course. Use of liferafts and safety equipment.
RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety
Info(+)    MYC(+)
1 day course. This follows on from the Sea survival course and covers prevention and dealing with emergencies offshore.
Diesel Engine Maintenance