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MYC COVID-19 Corona Virus Emergency Communication

Published 21:30 on 21 Mar 2020

The General Committee held an emergency meeting on Wednesday 18th March to discuss how Marchwood Yacht Club must react to the rapidly developing situation with regards to the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic.

The General Committee discussed the impact on the Club and how the Club could support the Government and the NHS by taking actions that will align with the advice given on the Government website.

There is a definite risk of the transfer of the virus if the Club does not take immediate measures to cease activities that facilitate social gathering. The Government advises against persons aged 0 - 69 from social mixing in the community and has at this moment closed Bars and Clubs from 2359h Friday 20th March. Persons over 70, those with underlying health conditions and pregnant women are strongly advised against social mixing. Given the age demographic within the club, the General Committee feel the balance of risk is higher for the membership as a whole and therefore have taken the following measures to be effective immediately:

  • 1.The Bar is closed until further notice.
  • 2.Catering is closed until further notice.
  • 3.The Club House is closed until further notice. Please do not use the Club House.
  • 4.All Social Events have been cancelled for the immediate future including the Race and Rally Information evening.
  • 5.Evening racing has been cancelled.
  • 6.Rallies have been cancelled.
  • 7.Regatta cancelled.

The General Committee acknowledges that these measures will come as a huge disappointment to everyone, although perhaps not a surprise under the current circumstances. All members must consider how they will manage their own social mixing for compliance with the Government advice. It is very important that we all play our part in following this advice to delay the spread of the virus.

To avoid complete shutdown, members that feel able to prepare their boats may continue to do so provided they understand that launching will be dependent on the plans of any boats ahead of them and the availability of drivers. No member or volunteer should feel in anyway pressurised to prepare their boat for launching or come to the club if they have isolated for their own protection or the protection of others. No member should apply any pressure to any other members who wish to maintain social isolation for their own reasons. If, as a consequence, isolating members are unable to prepare or assist in moving their boat at this time, others will have to be tolerant and draw on the help of willing volunteers. This will inevitably mean that launching will be delayed for some and all bets will be off anyway if the Government locks down all but essential travel. Members will need to help each other (without getting too close) even when your own boat has been launched.

Detailed advice about options will follow from the Boat Park Committee as members will be expecting to launch in the near future whilst others will want to delay possibly into the summer storage season. Look out in the Pennant.

The General Committee have determined that mooring fee's will not be refunded. The club has invested heavily in preparing for the season and factors the fee cash flow into its finances to enable the club to function over the summer. If members demandmooring fees are refunded, other fees would have to rise in proportion to the refund value otherwise the club will not survive. Best endeavours will be made to launch each boat and strops will be fitted unless circumstances change significantly e.g. lockdown. In summary, launching will not be business as usual so please communicate your intentions to the Boat Park, be tolerant of everyone, be respectful of social distancing and plan your anti-fouling accordingly.

For boat park queries and to notify your launching intentions send an email to the boatparkadmin email.

Please make a priority to do the following now:

Always leave your ladders secure and your boats free to move if necessary.

Members should continue to keep themselves appraised of the latest advice and when at the Club, be respectful of the need to keep a distance between each member, wash your hands regularly and do not come to the Club if you should be in isolation or have any symptoms of the virus. If your circumstances change, please communicate!

Members must not send expenses to the Treasurers by paper copy. Paper expenses will not be handled and this will be rejected. Please scan any expense claim forms and receipts and send to the accounts email.

If MYC and its Members fulfil our duty to others, the period of risk will be managed to everyone's advantage and we should in time witness the benefit of our sacrifice. If it is any encouragement, note that China has very few new cases in proportion to its population.

We can, and will, get through this. When the crisis subsides MYC will be re-energised to recover our Regatta and Racing/Rally programmes. Let us hope that the back end of the season is packed full of events!

The Queen. "Our nation's history has been forged by people and communities coming together to work as one, concentrating our combined efforts with a focus on the common goal".

Last updated 10:25 on 26 March 2020

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