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Commodore's Update - May 12

Published 10:01 on 12 May 2020

Hello all,

After seven weeks of our yacht club being closed, I finally have some good news for you all. Following the governments decision to carefully lift some restrictions, I am really pleased to inform you that MYC can reopen on Wednesday 13th May.

A full risk assessment, regarding Covid-19, has been completed by the Vice Commodore, Martin Whapshott. This can be seen on the MYC website and I encourage you all to read it before visiting the club.

We have to put certain common sense restrictions in place for safety reasons. We, as a committee, insist that you adhere to the following restrictions.

1. Social distancing, at least 2 metres apart from another person, if this is not possible, then the appropriate PPE should be used.

2. We are concerned that the club could be overrun with members wanting to get their boats ready for launching, so we are limiting the number of people working on each boat to 2 people. Also, any children should only be at the club under strict supervision.

3. There should be No over night stays on your boats in the yard, this is a government ruling.

4. Please ensure that ladders are securely locked when not in use, this is for security reasons in case we get a second spike and have to lockdown again.

5. Please be sensible when opening toilet doors and using taps, ie use gloves,wash hands or use hand sanitiser, MYC is not providing hand sanitiser.

If your boat gets launched and the country gets another spike of Covid-19 and we go into lockdown again, there is a possibility that your boat may not be able to be lifted out of the water by the time your insurance requires you to be ashore. Something you may want to consider when launching.

A massive thanks on behalf of myself and the whole membership to our team that have carried out dozens of trips to the club, doing their daily exercise and checking on our boats and the security of the whole club.

Thank you all for your patience in the last 7 weeks in this difficult time, let's all hope that things continue to improve.

Your general committee will continue to meet on a weekly basis and any changes we have to implement, you will updated ASAP.

Keep Safe

Regards, Simon


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