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The Moorings sub-committee offers a service of fitting mooring strops to MYC mooring buoys, before you get too excited, it's not free.

For fittings during a scheduled session a fee of £12.00 (including VAT) applies.

If you require a strop to be fitted at another time a fee of £31.50 (including VAT) will be payable in advance.

Strop-fitting is planned from mid-March to late May, although additional sessions may be arranged if required.If you wish MYC to fit your strop please either complete your details on the form on the notice board on the boatyard wall (between the Clubhouse and the outside sink) or email providing your name, mooring number, membership number, requested fitting date and contact phone number.

Please bear in mind that the earlier you request your strop to be fitted the easier it is to arrange in time. Giving a minimum of ten days' notice is recommended.

You should also make sure that your strop, complete with appropriate bow shackle and clearly-marked pick-up buoy, is left hanging on the fence around the tree in front of the Bosun's container well in advance of your fitting date. Please contact me or another member of the moorings team if you are unsure of the suitability of your strop or shackle.


MYC will endeavour, but cannot guarantee, to fit your strop by the date you ask us to.

Strop-fitting sessions are subject to cancellation if weather conditions are considered unsafe, if the launch, equipment or personnel are not available on the day, or if other unforeseen events outside of our control prevent them going ahead as planned. We will attempt to notify you when this happens. We will then attempt to fit your strop no later than the next planned session, or will arrange an additional session if appropriate.

MYC will not accept responsibility for strops whilst on the fence around the tree, nor after the fitting is completed.

If the mooring strop or shackle that you provide is considered to be excessively worn, damaged or otherwise unsuitable for use on MYC moorings, we will refuse to fit that strop. No charge will be made if the fitting was due to take place during a planned session.

The following are available for sale from MYC (prices include VAT).

Pick up buoy: £36.00

28mm strop (Nylon): 3.5m £57.75

28mm strop (Nylon): 3.0m £52.50

28mm strop (Nylon): 2.5m £47.25

20mm strop (Corlean ): 2.5m £36.75

20mm strop (Corlean ): 2.0m £31.50

Bow shackles (Tested) 19x22: £11.80

Bow shackles (Tested) 16x19: £4.70

Whether you get your strop through us or from elsewhere, the following can help you ensure that you get the correct length. If in doubt, please ask. Advice is free, occasionally inescapable.

How to measure a vessel for a strop

Take a length of cord and attach to the mooring cleat of your vessel with a loop.

Feed the cord over the bow roller and eyeball an angle of approx 40 degrees forward from an imaginary line straight down to the water from your bow roller.

Continue the cord down that line and approximately 200mm below the waterline.

Measure the cord from the loop to below the waterline and that will be your required strop length.

Boats needing a bridle strop(s) can use the same principle but will vary with design.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation, and especially to all the members who will be volunteering their time and skills to provide this service.

All the best, Dan Haas MYC Strop Manager

"If it needs doing, do it"

Last updated 18:12 on 22 September 2021

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