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Commodore's Update - June 16

Published 12:44 on 16 Jun 2020

Hello all,

A slightly different update this week. The AGM is 5 months away, but 5 months can pass very quickly,so I have asked the general committee what will happen if social gatherings are still forbidden, come November.

Rule 6.1 states that "An AGM of the club shall be held before the last day of November". If social gatherings or social distance rules are still in place in November, which I hope they are not, this could present us with a few issues.

Rule 6.1 also states that "Notification of an AGM shall be given at least 6 weeks prior to the meetings date". Therefore our 5 months has already fallen to 3.5 months.

Although our discussions are at a very early stage, the following are possibilities that could get us a solution as to how to hold an AGM.

It would be good for the general committee to have some feedback from the membership as to how you all feel and what is possibility the best way forward with regards to this "possible" situation we find ourselves in.

1. We could possibly move the AGM to a later date and although the rules state that the AGM must be held in November,I am sure we could get round this in these unprecedented times. This may mean that the general committee members and flag officers, even if they are due to stand down, which includes myself, continue in post until an AGM date can be arranged.

2. We may be able to hold a postal vote to elect a new general committee, however, this means there will be no way of conducting a full AGM in its normal format.

3. We may be able to conduct an AGM by video link. This may be quite difficult but Andy Travell is looking into various possibilities that may be able to facilitate this route.

If any of you have any ideas of your own as to the best way of conducting an AGM, assuming we have no social gatherings at that time, please feel free to contact me or any general committee member.

Finally, thank you for all your comments last week regarding reopening of the bar and club house. The situation remains the same at present, we are still awaiting the government guidelines on this which will be announced in due course. Then we can move forward with our own risk assessment for reopening the bar.

Keep safe

Regards Simon


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